Bodily Injury

In Florida, Bodily Injury Liability coverage is generally an optional overage which is purchased to compensate an injured person for bodily injuries caused by the negligent/at-fault person who purchased this coverage. This is a coverage that the injured party hopes the at-fault party has so that their out-of-pocket medical expenses that PIP/No-Fault coverage does not cover and their permanent bodily injury damages are compensated.

A person purchases bodily injury liability coverage to protect their assets from personal attack by the injured person who the purchaser caused injury to by their negligence in an accident. Since most people do not have significant, attachable assets and this coverage is not typically required by the State of Florida, many people do not purchase this coverage, but should. You should purchase bodily injury liability coverage that is equal to the assets that you own which would be attached to by a judgment obtained through litigation by the person you cause injury to due to your negligence.

When you have sufficient liability coverage in place then you have peace of mind that the assets you and your spouse have worked so hard to obtain are protected from attack by that layer of coverage you purchased from your automobile insurance company. Additionally, by purchasing this valuable coverage, your automobile insurance company is responsible for defending against claims brought by the injured party including the cost of the attorney and litigation expenses incurred in your defense if that need arises.