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Bodily Injury Liability Coverage – In most circumstances, this is optional coverage which is purchased to compensate an injured person for bodily injuries caused by the negligent/ at-fault person who purchased this coverage. This is the coverage that the injured party hopes the at-fault party has so that their out-of-pocket medical expenses that PIP/ no-fault coverage does not cover and their permanent bodily injury damages are compensated. A person purchases bodily injury liability coverage to protect their assets from personal attack by the injured person who the purchaser caused injury to by their negligence in an accident. Since most people do not have significant, attachable assets and this coverage is not typically required by the State of Florida, many people do not purchase this coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – An optional coverage that can be purchased by you to pay for you and your family’s bodily injury damages caused by a negligent /at-fault person who does not have bodily injury liability coverage or does not have enough to pay for all your damages. In our opinion, this is the most important coverage to purchase in the State of Florida. It protects you and your family in a situation where your bodily injury damages exceed the coverage that is available from your PIP/ no-fault coverage and the negligent/ at-fault person’s bodily injury liability coverage.

Medical Payment Coverage – A coverage that you can choose to purchase to pay for the 20 percent of medical bills that PIP/ no-fault coverage does not pay. It will cover the 20 percent of your medical bills up to the limits of your purchased coverage. If the PIP/ no-fault coverage limit of $10,000 is exhausted before the medical payment limit is exhausted then medical payments coverage should pay your bills at 100 percent up to its limit.

Property Damage Liability Coverage – A mandatory coverage in Florida required to be purchased in the minimum amount of $10,000. It is coverage that a person looks to for the repair or total loss compensation of their vehicle from the negligent/ at-fault person’s policy of insurance.

Collision Coverage – A coverage that you can choose to purchase for the payments of repairs or total loss compensation of your vehicle under your own policy of insurance regardless of who was at fault for the accident.