Don't Do These 3 Things at an Accident Scene

Don’t Do These 3 Things at an Accident Scene

You’ve been involved in an accident. What do you do now? You’re in shock, dismay. After 30 years of practice, I’ve come up with three basic things that you should not do at the accident scene. The first one is, do not discuss fault or your injuries with the other party. Of course you feel badly. That’s human nature. But don’t apologize. Let law enforcement determine who is at fault.

Secondly, wait until law enforcement arrives on the scene, even if you’ve exchanged information from the other party. You do not want to rely solely on that. We could tell you many horror stories about what happens when you don’t have law enforcement come to the scene. Take photographs with your cell phone of all things at the scene, vehicles, tag numbers, debris, injuries, anything that you can think of. And gather witness information. Don’t rely on law enforcement to get that. Often times, they do not. Witnesses will leave the scene before law enforcement arrives, so take down their information.

And thirdly, don’t ignore your injuries even if you think you’re going to be fine. And often times, people do. You have fourteen days to treat under Florida law; otherwise, you will lose your benefits under your policy. If you have any other questions concerning this or any other matters, please call my office, The Law Office of Charles Philips.