Don't Let the Driver in from the Side Lane

Don’t Let the Driver in from the Side Lane

I’m Chuck Philips, a personal injury attorney practicing in New Port Richey and the surrounding areas. We’ve all seen it. You’re backed up in traffic three lanes full at a light.  You look to your right and you see a driver coming in on a side lane. They look at you with those puppy dog eyes. They beg you with those eyes to let them in. You want to be the good Samaritan. But don’t.  Yes, I said, “Don’t do it.”  Why? Because you could be held liable if an accident occurs.

Picture this, you let them in. They travel through the first two lanes in front of you. They get to the third lane and the driver coming up on your left doesn’t see them and hits them. That driver you let in could possibly hold you liable for that accident as well because you let them in and put them in harm’s way.  So don’t do it.  Don’t be the good Samaritan.

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