Personal Injury Protection Requirements

Video transcription:

Hi, my name is Chuck Philips and I’m a personal injury attorney in Pasco County and the surrounding areas. Today I wanted to talk to you about some requirements under the Personal Injury Protection or No-Fault law. You must seek treatment within 14 days from the date of the accident. Otherwise, your insurance company will deny you benefits under that coverage. Very important. Secondly, you can treat with whomever you wish under the first $2,500 of your $10,000 in benefits. After that, however, you must seek treatment with a medical doctor and that doctor must make a finding of an emergency medical condition, meaning that you’re gonna suffer serious bodily injury or harm if you don’t receive further treatment. Otherwise, you will not receive the rest of your benefits if that finding is not made. Lastly, acupuncture and massage therapy have been excluded from the statute, so those treatments will not be paid for by your coverage. If you have any questions concerning this or any other personal injury matters, please contact our office. We are always here for you.