What Should I do if I’m in a Minor Motor Vehicle Accident with No Injuries or Damage?

What Should I do if I’m in a Minor Motor Vehicle Accident with No Injuries or Damage?

As an auto accident attorney in New Port Richey, one question I’m often asked is:

What Should I do if I’m in a Minor Motor Vehicle Accident with No Injuries or Damage?

Many car accidents seem minor. Minor auto accidents may leave each party with little vehicle damage or seemingly no injuries. In such situations, it may not seem necessary to involve law enforcement and follow the same process as you would if involved in a major accident. However, this is not advisable.

No matter how large – or small – the vehicle accident, always call law enforcement.

Consider this scenario: you were stopped at a stop sign and bumped from behind by another driver. You both seem fine and each vehicle just has some minor dents and scratches. You decide not to pursue the matter further and go on your way. Then, a week later, you start having uncomfortable neck or back pain. You realize that you actually were injured during the accident, and that you should have involved law enforcement.

You just never know what the damage could be or what kind of injuries might have occurred during an accident.

Always call law enforcement. Even if the other party involved asks you not to, call anyway. It is the job of law enforcement to investigate the scene and determine the fault of each party involved. They will record witnesses and get the story right there at the scene.

Sometimes, when law enforcement is not involved or witnesses are not recorded on scene, stories might change. People are human, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes people may reword or even change the story so that it favors their own situation. It can happen. This is another reason why law enforcement should always be involved after an accident has occurred. They can help keep people honest.

No matter how seemingly minor your accident, always call law enforcement. Get them involved. Exchange information with the other party. Do not make any apology statements. Seek out medical attention. Contact your insurance company. By involving the law enforcement and following these steps, the accident situation will be properly investigated.

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