Why it's Critical to Buy Insurance from a Licensed Agent

Why it’s Critical to Buy Insurance from a Licensed Agent

My name is Chuck Philips. I’m a personal injury attorney in New Port Richey and the surrounding areas.  I wanted to talk to you today about what I believe is an epidemic in the state of Florida, a real problem in the auto insurance business.  People are now oftentimes buying coverage either over the phone from a salesperson that’s not even located in the state of Florida or online which is even worse because they’re receiving no advice at all.

Auto insurance is very complex and there are many nuances that have to be navigated.  You’re not getting that online or from a salesperson.  You need to talk to an agent.  It is the law. Florida requires anyone advising on coverage or selling you coverage to be a licensed agent.  And they have a fiduciary duty to you, a legal duty, to advise you as to what you need and how to protect yourself against loss.  So please, when you’re looking for insurance coverage, call an agent or call my office and we’ll gladly advise you.